Monday, 25 April 2016


Looking for cheap fuel in Canberra? I do a lot of driving and can tell you some of the cheaper fuel stations have been a god-send in keeping my budget on track, for a  medium sized car you can save $10-$12 a fill by making sure you fill up with service stations that are not ripping you off. Of course petrol prices fluctuate so I've left the actual prices out of it but generally speaking the following stations are really doing some good work!

COSTCO at Majura park is the cheapest but this does require a Costco membership at $60 p/year but a few fills later you have made up for the yearly fee (you can also save the membership costs back on a tyre change there as they sell tyres or even one good fortnightly shopping stock up) I have to admit I find the payment systems out there a little complex and they are a little out of the way and you can get stuck waiting for a while on occasion, but over all its worth it. Also you have to give these guys credit for starting up the mini-petrol war in Canberra

WOOLWORTHS Majura Park is right next to Costco and as soon as Costco opened they dropped their prices to almost match Costco... I'm not fooling myself into thinking Woolworths did this out of the kindness of their hearts, obviously it has more to do with the fact the Costco opening up right next to them would have hurt their trade big time if they didn't price match or at least come close. On the plus side, it runs like regular servo, so less messing around with complex payment systems.

METRO - Barrier st Fyshwick - This is where its gets serious, this is a small servo that seem to be doing their best to bring some competition into the ACT. Pretty similar prices to Woolworths, but the huge advantage of being in Fyshwick central. Only downside is that you can get stuck in queues for a while but again I think its worth it if you can swing past there.

By filling up Costco / Woolworths Majura or Metro I've found I can usually save close to 20c a litre.

BP - Yass Road QBN and Ipswich st Fyshwick - also deserve honorable mentions as they are only 5c a litre more expensive than Metro, generally speaking no queues either so straight in and straight out so if you're a little more time poor these can work well. No doubt they were loosing patrons to the cheaper stations mentioned above as they are in close proximity to them but either way its good to see people take notice and move with the competition

Also worthy of note the 7/11 on Canberra Ave (off Mildura st Fyshwick) and UNITED Canberra Ave are both doing good fuel deals coming in only slightly more expensive than the BP's mentioned above again no real wait times so its nice and easy too.

If you're not lucky enough to live anywhere near these the united near Amaroo, and BP on the Monaro Hwy are a little cheaper than the other service stations, but not what I'd call cheap. Otherwise the only advice I can give is to save your fills until you have a reason to be near the Fyshwick reigon and fill that baby to the brim! - Most service station chains won't lower their prices if you keep shopping there, and why would they if you keep giving them your money?

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