Tuesday, 6 December 2016


Far be it for me to start up a conspiracy theory around Canberra, but what exactly are they watching out for here? I was around the still embryonic suburb of Denman this morning and saw this! Upon closer inspection it appears to have a small loud speaker attached to it... does it record and send everything it sees back to the police to be held on hard drive forever? Does it yell abuse at you?  Why does it do this?

To be fair the place is still under construction and there is a lot of money in tools and equipment in half finished houses lying around but this would hardly keep the whole suburb safe.... maybe half that particular street (at best) and will they take it down after the suburb is finished?

Will be interesting to see what develops from this one!

PS: Don't get caught picking your nose near there!

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Friday, 4 November 2016


Just finished the site for CJ's Towing which you can find here at http://www.canberra-towing.com  .... Just have to say this is not looking too bad! If you want a site just like this ... Hit me up and I'll put something together for you like this! This is an example of a pretty simple low maintainance website and I could get something similar this happening for you for under $400 (plus a hosting fees of $0-$200 per year depending on what you want to acheive with your site). Best of all ownership of the website is in YOUR name and I provide you with all login and aceess details so if you want to maintain your own website it won't be a problem!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Don't forget the ACT elections are on this week! This Saturday 15th Oct

If you need a comprehensive list of where to vote / what electorate you're in or what constitutes a valid vote or anything else for that matter this site is quite useful:


You might even be able to pre-poll and save yourself some time on the day!

Monday, 3 October 2016


Canberra-Classifieds.com is a new Classifieds site... there's not a lot up there yet, but go on and sign up and sell your wares, trade or dwellings and best of all its free!


Saturday, 24 September 2016

South Coast Metalheads

...Been hard at work designig the website for the "South Coast Metalheads" ... obviously it's not finished yet,  but I'm really proud of the way its looking so far!

I should also add... if it's something you're into feel free to sign up to the forum, it shouldn't be too long before things kick off with this site \m/

When it's finished the site address should be http://www.southcoastmetalheads.com and http://www.southcoastmetalheads.com.au

Don't forget I can get your business live on the web for a couple hundred starting price :)

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Capital Gifts and Promo

Been busy designing the website for "Capital Gifts and Promo" ......... It's almost done but I thought I'd share it on here for anyone interested.

Walter is a cool guy and will sort you out for a great price so if you need anything don't hesitate to get in touch with him

or if you need a website feel free to hit me up on clickoncanberra@gmail.com as a reference I would be able to get something similar done for under $1000 but as with anything we do price is agreed up before work commences and can be scaled to fit your budget

Captial Gifts and Promo

Saturday, 30 July 2016


Looking for some cheap eats and delivered if you live in Canberra?

 Diamond Chinese - these guys make great chinese food and the price can't be beaten! I live in belconnen so the delivery is free too! check out the website here http://www.diamondchinese.com.au/

Home Taste - Haven't had the pleasure of trying these guys out but definatley keen for next time I order in! - http://hometaste.com.au/ again the prices look amazing and the food looks quite healthy too!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Well, we had our first snow day in quite a while, some parts of Canberra received more than other parts but brace yourself for more cold weather over the coming days and nights! Leave your cars, pets and delicate plants under cover and stay warm. Looking at -4c for tonight!

Monday, 11 July 2016


If you're looking for some cheap eats download these Hungry Jacks vouchers :) They are almost half the usual price (as far as I can remember)  You can use them straight from the phone too!

Thursday, 23 June 2016


Happy birthday Belconnen! You have certainly matured well! 

Hopefully there are are some cool events on to celebrate this monumental occasion, I dare say scope out the park opposite the mall and the waterfront but I'll do some digging to see what I can find out... Check back here before the weekend!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Has anyone noticed the fish sculpture/installation on the corner of Market st. and Lathlain dr. in Belconnen near the markets and Bunnings? Don't feel bad if you haven't, I drive past there on a daily basis and have lived in the area for 10 years now and only just seen it for the first time last weekend.

It was (upon reading the plaque) installed there in 1990 by some art students but even more curiously is called "Albert". I can't help but wonder if this was a sneaky tribute to one of the most vile and sadistic serial killers of all time "Albert Fish" 

Oddly enough it was only through an app called "Ingress" that my boy downloaded on the phone which uses local landmarks like an orienteering game so you have to go find the object and tag yourself there on GPS. 

Anyway I thought it was pretty cool and its given me a heads up to slow down a little and observe my surroundings, you never know what you'll find :)

Friday, 10 June 2016


Hope you all have a great long weekend! Be good on the roads, you know the police will be out in force and they've got the double demerit thing happening all long weekend... but other than that... have fun have a beer or steak for me!

Thursday, 9 June 2016


Just went through my first ever 30  kph school zone ... Boy it was slow! I'm not sure how I feel about this, especially if there's more slated to come in around other schools but be warned... this one was in Latham

Friday, 3 June 2016

CBR free wifi

Has anyone noticed they can get free wifi in the town centres now? I ran out of phone credit the other day and really needed to check something and found i can log on "CBR free wifi" in my "settings --> wifi ---> search --->" part of my phone ... (it should be a similar function path on most phones) I've been able to log on in belconnen (Lathlain and Benjamin way) Civic (Bunda, Lonsdale, Mort st...) and in Manuka (canberra ave) I'm going to check out where else this works but its a great feature of this city

Saturday, 28 May 2016


Its about that time to think about what I'm doing with my mobile plan... previously I have been paying somewhere around $90 a month for a heavy use plan which was cool when I started up on that plan almost 10 years ago but now it seems the prices have come down a lot. If you're not worried about having the latest phones or you've paid off your plan there are some great sim only deals out there here are a couple I've come across... Looks like I could be saving myself $70 per month! I will be attempting to switch to one of these today!   


There's probably more out there too like amaysim and others as well do yourself a favour and compare the deals now

Friday, 20 May 2016


Finding work in Canberra can be hard, I know this all too well myself. Here's some sites that you might find useful - Happy job hunting!


Defence jobs

* With "Gumtree" be careful, as this site is great for finding work fast - as lets face it, when you need a job you need it NOW!  these can be either once off or ongoing but because they offer free ads you tend to get some less than scrupulous advertisers listing on here. 

Saturday, 7 May 2016


just thought I'd throw some art work on here.... go on and check it out on the links to "ART" or through this link... Enjoy!


Monday, 25 April 2016


Looking for cheap fuel in Canberra? I do a lot of driving and can tell you some of the cheaper fuel stations have been a god-send in keeping my budget on track, for a  medium sized car you can save $10-$12 a fill by making sure you fill up with service stations that are not ripping you off. Of course petrol prices fluctuate so I've left the actual prices out of it but generally speaking the following stations are really doing some good work!

COSTCO at Majura park is the cheapest but this does require a Costco membership at $60 p/year but a few fills later you have made up for the yearly fee (you can also save the membership costs back on a tyre change there as they sell tyres or even one good fortnightly shopping stock up) I have to admit I find the payment systems out there a little complex and they are a little out of the way and you can get stuck waiting for a while on occasion, but over all its worth it. Also you have to give these guys credit for starting up the mini-petrol war in Canberra

WOOLWORTHS Majura Park is right next to Costco and as soon as Costco opened they dropped their prices to almost match Costco... I'm not fooling myself into thinking Woolworths did this out of the kindness of their hearts, obviously it has more to do with the fact the Costco opening up right next to them would have hurt their trade big time if they didn't price match or at least come close. On the plus side, it runs like regular servo, so less messing around with complex payment systems.

METRO - Barrier st Fyshwick - This is where its gets serious, this is a small servo that seem to be doing their best to bring some competition into the ACT. Pretty similar prices to Woolworths, but the huge advantage of being in Fyshwick central. Only downside is that you can get stuck in queues for a while but again I think its worth it if you can swing past there.

By filling up Costco / Woolworths Majura or Metro I've found I can usually save close to 20c a litre.

BP - Yass Road QBN and Ipswich st Fyshwick - also deserve honorable mentions as they are only 5c a litre more expensive than Metro, generally speaking no queues either so straight in and straight out so if you're a little more time poor these can work well. No doubt they were loosing patrons to the cheaper stations mentioned above as they are in close proximity to them but either way its good to see people take notice and move with the competition

Also worthy of note the 7/11 on Canberra Ave (off Mildura st Fyshwick) and UNITED Canberra Ave are both doing good fuel deals coming in only slightly more expensive than the BP's mentioned above again no real wait times so its nice and easy too.

If you're not lucky enough to live anywhere near these the united near Amaroo, and BP on the Monaro Hwy are a little cheaper than the other service stations, but not what I'd call cheap. Otherwise the only advice I can give is to save your fills until you have a reason to be near the Fyshwick reigon and fill that baby to the brim! - Most service station chains won't lower their prices if you keep shopping there, and why would they if you keep giving them your money?


Friday, 22 April 2016


As we all know ANZAC day is on this Monday (26th April) if you're giving thank to those who served be careful over this long weekend with double demerit points in force all through the long weekend - with half the city roads under maintainence, it's easy to loose concentration with those temporary speed limits and also make sure you plan your parking well for the ANZAC day service near Anzac Pde, if last year was anything to go by you can assume the parking inspectors will be out - it would be a shame to ruin the day for yourself (or an interstate visitor) with a ticket or fine, especially with parking and construction zones making the roads confusing enough already.

Also check out the Australian War Memorial site for more info on services etc...


Monday, 18 April 2016



Looking for something to listen to in Canberra? These are the main ones that anyone listens to in Canberra ... I will undertake a search of Uni and internet radio stations as well as the lesser known broadcasts shortly.

Click on the name of the station to check out the websites and click on the 'listen' link to listen to them live on air

2xx FM     | listen
Mix 106    | listen
1206 2CC | listen
666 ABC   | listen
JJJ fm     | listen | unearthed


Sunday, 17 April 2016


here's a couple of examples of our work:

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website designed by http://www.clickoncanberra.com http://www.how2tradeshares.com This is actually a fairly simple blog style site which the user can update as they wish

Saturday, 16 April 2016


Canberra has a rich blogging tradition spanning back almost a few years. If you wanted to know about pretty much anything that's going on in Canberra you'll probably hear about it from one of these sites

here are some of the bigger ones

City News
Visit Canberra
Out in Canberra

Also worth checking out though appealing to more select reader interest groups are:

we're always keen to hear and check out more blogs so if you have something you feel the need to share with us email us and let us know!


Friday, 15 April 2016


Got a small business? A Start up business? A Hobby? Non Profit Organisation?

A website for your enterprise shouldn't cost you the earth, Why should you spend thousands on a website, when you are just finding your feet in business or in some cases don't even know what your cash flow will be like... or might not even be making money off your venture?

This right here is an example of a "Click on Canberra" website..... It can be done by us for $500 (in some cases less) and with minimal ongoing costs*. While I fully recommend throwing a little more money into your venture you can still get a lot done on a budget!

* Minimum on going costs are domain name - $20 per year and if you're willing to fork out hosting from $50-$200 per year


Thursday, 14 April 2016


Ok, Plugged in the domain name and everything is ready to start moving with this site!

Find us at http://www.clickoncanberra.com

I'll be posting some examples of my work up here soon so keep checking back!